Attività – Activity – Activités

Attività La cultura è la manifestazione della felicità


Le nostre attività culturali

Con le nostre attività siamo da anni in prima linea come volontari per la promozione e la valorizzazione del nostro Patrimonio storico, artistico e archeologico.
Con entusiasmo cerchiamo di mantenere viva la memoria storica organizzando le nostre visite guidate.
Con emozione andiamo alla ricerca di frammenti di storia attraverso i nostri scavi archeologici.
Con curiosità andiamo alla scoperta del mondo seguendo antichi itinerari di viaggio.
Con passione ci impegniamo nella condivisione della cultura, attraverso i nostri corsi di formazione, i laboratori didattici, l’apertura al pubblico della biblioteca, l’allestimento di mostre e percorsi museali e l’organizzazione di eventi.

Culture is the manifestation of happiness


Our commitment to culture

As voluntary workers we have been on front line for years promoting and enhancing our historical, artistic and archaeological heritage.
With enthusiasm we try to keep our historical memory alive through the organisation of our art tours.
With excitement we search for fragments of history through our archaeological excavations.
With curiosity we set out to discover the world along ancient travel routes.
With passion we are committed to sharing our culture, through our training courses, educational workshops, the public opening of the library, exhibitions organization, museum tours and events.

La culture est l’expression du bonheur

F. Nietszche

Notre engagement pour la culture

Nous sommes depuis des années, en tant que volontaires, en première ligne pour la promotion et la valorisation de notre patrimoine historique, artistique et archéologique.
Nous cherchons avec enthousiasme à préserver notre mémoire historique en donnant vie à des itinéraires artistiques.
Pleins d’émotion, nous partons à la recherche de fragments d’histoire à travers nos fouilles archéologiques.
Nous allons à la découverte du monde avec curiosité en suivant d’antiques itinéraires de voyage.
Nous nous engageons avec passion dans un travail de partage de la culture à travers nos cours de formation, nos laboratoires didactiques, l’ouverture de la bibliothèque au public, l’établissement d’expositions et de parcours inter-musées et l’organisation d’évènements.


  1. Michael Liang

    Hi! My name is Michael, and I am trying to develop a study tour business in Italy. I want to know if it is possible to participate in your event in August. If so, can we do it in English/Chinese? I will bring a small group of Chinese students to Rome in Early/Mid August, and in the future, we may start to bring more and larger groups to Italy to study about your culture, art, and design, and I think your activity is a great addition for our kids.

    I would also like to know more about your group and discuss further cooperation opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    • angelo

      for infos about our events in August, please contact Mr. Gianfranco Gazzetti – phone 339 333 9221 or, in alternative, the secretary of the Group, Via Contessa di Bertinoro, 6 Roma – phone 06 6385256 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 4,00 pm to 8,00 pm.
      Best regards,
      Angelo Mantineo

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