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To the discovery of ancient Via Amerina





Faliscan an Roman age

The ancient Via Amerina, a strategical roman road, crossing of memories and wayfarers. After Falerii Veteres has been conquered by Romans (241 b.c.) building Via Amerina has been the most important sign of Roman footprint in all area.

The fascinating path, which is still perfectly preserved in many areas, has been investigated with excavations by Gruppo Archeologico Romano in two different sectors: at Cavo degli Zucchi on the south of Falerii Novi town, and into what is now known as  Corchiano. Some think that Corchiano is the ancient Fescennium. Dig with us into the heart of this Roman road and into some rupestrian tumbs. Let’s get into misteries in a place where time has stopped.

Let yourself be a part of the 22nd Archeological Scientific Campaign lead by GAR: since 1983 we are first liners to protect and improve Via Amerina.








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GAR is moving!

We are thrilled to share these great news!

We found a new place, this will give us many opportunities and some little surprises for all of us.

We will be able to plan better our activities, because internal layout is so much better for us, and it’s located in a strategical position in the city.

It’s in 2 minutes walking distance from Piazza Bologna and 650 meters from Stazione Tiburtina (which will soon replace  Termini as main station for high speed trains), crossroad for railway traffic and bus station (local busses and long distance ones).

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