"Wherever we go, we leave foot steps on path of history"

Since 1963 serving cultural heritage

Technical problems with phone lines

You might have difficulties to reach us by phone. We are migrating lines to get ready to move soon.

We are sorry for inconvenience

Please contact us by email: info@gruppoarcheologico.it

GAR is moving!

We are thrilled to share these great news!

We found a new place, this will give us many opportunities and some little surprises for all of us.

We will be able to plan better our activities, because internal layout is so much better for us, and it’s located in a strategical position in the city.

It’s in 2 minutes walking distance from Piazza Bologna and 650 meters from Stazione Tiburtina (which will soon replace  Termini as main station for high speed trains), crossroad for railway traffic and bus station (local busses and long distance ones).

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